Thursday, March 3, 2016

Vision Not

I have been noticing some straining in my eyes from the past three months. I was procrastinating a visit to ophthalmologist of sheer laziness as well as lack of time. The last Saturday we decided to make it on priority list and off to the eye hospital. The basic test like chart reading was done and my vision appeared to be accurate. Next the Ocular Pressure test and found to be in normal range too. Next little more advanced one to check internal parts like retina, cornea, iris, sclerae, etc. My eyes were dilated with drops for more than 45 minutes. If hubby was not beside and keeping me engaged with talks, I would be dead of boredom. The doctor couldn't find anything significant, however suspected a slight deviation in the right eye. Only a squint specialist would be able to tell the presence of ongoing squint. Hubby sighed in relief because he didn't want me in spectacle. Oh! Not for aesthetic reason. It is understandable for a person who has been wearing glasses for a very long time. Nonetheless we decided to get a cool anti-glare glass as I spend 8-10 hours in front of computer. I was prescribed an eye drops as well.  

There was this form to be filled voluntarily for pledging eyes. Hubby talked me out of it. I'm hopeful I'l be able to convince him sometime in the future. I'm happy to find about my eyes being normal, but only to be subjected to a real harrowing regimen of putting eye drops every night. I have realized I'm nothing less than Rachen Green. Yes, I have phobia of putting drops in my eyes.

This is one of those "Know Yourself" moments.

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